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Feb 3rd 2012, 10:00

PCI Compliance Observations From The Front Lines

Posted by Jorge Flores
My name is Jorge Flores, and I’m an Account Development Specialist at ANX.  I began my career at ANX several months ago after graduating from Western Michigan University.  Each day I speak with dozens of franchise business owners and management staff about the need for PCI Compliance.  It is extremely rewarding when I hang up with someone knowing that I bolstered their knowledge on the importance of achieving and maintaining PCI compliance. The sheer scale of misconceptions and unawareness regarding the importance of PCI compliance and the benefits it has on our data security is simply astounding.  
Receiving much publicity lately has been a data breach involving a well renowned sandwhich shop.  More than 150 franchisees were

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Sep 6th 2011, 19:42

Cultural Security: Promoting Security Policies Using Organizational Culture

Posted by Steven Fox
Cross promoted from the McAfee Security Connected blog
Most of us refer to security policies in much the same way as we refer to our car manuals – when something unexpected happens.  We know these documents have useful information.  However, their utility is tied to situations where answers do not present themselves readily.
According to Chris Noel, SVP of Product Management at ANXeBusiness, “security policies communicate organizational culture, set expectations and boundaries, define risk appetites, and establish a legal duty of care.”  Unfortunately, a role-based, functional understanding of security policies is uncommon. So how do we take security policies out of the proverbial glove compartment? 

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Aug 18th 2011, 20:39

DefCon 19 - Weaponizing Cyberpsychology

Posted by Steven Fox
Company X, a transportation company in the Midwest, had a well-managed external network infrastructure.  The few vulnerabilities that existed led to low-impact information breach that did not compromise corporate or customer information.  Satisfied with the status of their network security, I turned my attention to the human network.
Searching for the client name on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, I discovered employee names and corporate activities that were not shared on its website.  As the search continued, the client's culture, processes, and lexicon emerged from the corporate dialogue. 
This information enabled me to persuade employees to give me access to critical information and secured areas. This included usernames,

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Aug 16th 2011, 18:10

ANX Profiles Franchise Security Breach in Live Webcast

Posted by Julie Pham
Enterprise Security Consulting Manager John Roskoph Walks Through a Franchise Security Breach Scenario and Discusses Causes, Consequences, and Safeguards to Protect Your Franchise Against a Possible Breach
Southfield, MI – August 17, 2011 – ANXeBusiness Corp. (ANX), a leading provider of managed security, compliance and connectivity solutions, today announced that it will host a live webcast on August 24, 2011, entitled “Profile of a Franchise Security Breach.” The Webcast will feature John Roskoph, enterprise security consulting manager at ANX.
In the complex distributed environment of franchises, sensitive customer data is processed, transmitted, or stored across a diverse range of sites, including POS locations, offices, warehouses,

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Aug 15th 2011, 10:54

DefCon 19 ReCap - Security When Nanoseconds Count

Posted by Steven Fox
High-speed trading - it's a reality often lost in the discussions of current financial challenges.  Much of the trading activity that drives the global economy occurs at speeds that exceed human capability.  Yes - computers conduct trades at nanosecond speeds based on mathematical algorithms.  These algorithms take into account information from global markets, futures trading, financial indicators, among other factors to make trading decisions.  Speed is money for these systems. Any devices that increases network latency - such as a firewall - means lost profits.
Security When Nanoseconds Count was a presentation at DefCon 19 where James Arlen discussed security in an environment where firewalls, access control lists, and system hardening are

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