Highest Available EDI Solution—Guaranteed

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) / B2B eCommerce is the method of choice for critical communications with trading partners throughout the global supply chain.

ANX Delivers Superior EDI

ANX provides superior EDI value in three critical areas:

ANX Electronic Data Interchange Benefits

EDI service built on a single value-added network (VAN) can be an issue when high availability is a concern. The unique ANX architecture eliminates this vulnerability, delivering the highest availability over multiple tier-1 VANs.

ANX Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) offers the following unique benefits:

ANX Velocity Managed Service

ANXVelocity® Multi-VAN Network

ANXVelocity® is a unique integration platform that enables and streamlines cross-enterprise business processes. With a multi-VAN architecture, ANXVelocity® helps customers achieve 100% automation with trading communities while providing reduced risk via VAN Redundancy—a solution not available via your typical VAN Providers.

Typical VAN Implementations lock you into a contract with one VAN provider, limiting your flexibility, choice and increasing risks.

ANX has squarely addressed the limitations and risks associated with a single VAN provider by providing all ANXVelocity® clients with Choice, Flexibility, and Service Level Guarantees for VAN Availability and Help Desk responsiveness.