Solution Benefits

ANX only certifies Tier-1 VAN Providers (ICC/Easylink, GXS, and Inovis) who have shown a commitment to continued investment in their VAN infrastructures. This multi-Network capability not only provides ANX clients with best of breed solutions, but it also allows you to choose which ANX-Certified VAN partner processes your transactions. And choice is not a one-time option. If you ever have a desire or a need to change VAN providers during your contract term with ANX (e.g. if the VAN infrastructure processing your traffic is having significant outages), ANX will transition you to another ANX-Certified VAN partner—at no charge. Best of all, your contract terms, pricing and SLAs remain the same, and the premier service from ANX client support does not change. Choice and Flexibility – Your Business Deserves Both!

ANXVelocity®—Extending the Value of Typical VANs

  1. Multi-Network Provider (FLEXIBILITY)
    • ANX utilizes the VAN infrastructures of three ANX-certified VAN partners. Your contract, billing, service level guarantees, and support all come from ANX. Transactions are processed by an ANX-certified partner.
  2. Service Level Agreements (STABILITY)
    • ANX provides a standard SLA for system availability to all ANX clients. Furthermore, ANX provides SLAs for ANX Help Desk responsiveness—unique in the industry.
  3. Expert B2B Team (SECURITY & SUPPORT)
    • ANX support operations are staffed with B2B experts who solve problems rapidly. The combination of NX people and tools deliver workd-class issue resolution efficiency—greater than 90% first-call resolution for ANXVelocity® clients.