B2B Collaboration Challenges Solved

Many industries today rely on strategic collaboration among multiple value chain participants. The vast amount of electronic intellectual-property flow this creates among multiple facilities exposes enterprise networks to three critical security concerns:

Trust ANX to meet these challenges and more with Secure Value Chain Collaboration solutions that provide a world of collaborative benefits

Fully managed service with help desk support for partner end users – everyone connected in the value chain has expert support as needed, 24 x 7.

Quickly establish secure partner access to enterprise resources – establish highly secure, encrypted connections in just minutes.

Securely partition enterprise information – give each partner exactly the application and file access it needs without unnecessarily exposing proprietary information.

Protect enterprise networks from malware threats – automatically verify that each partner's anti-malware programs and operating system patches are up-to-date.

Enforce collaboration standards – ANX PostureCommand inspects connection requests to ensure that endpoints are safe and that partners have all required software and hardware compatibilities.

Support compliance requirements – access-history reports and endpoint-policy enforcement assist in effective governance, risk management, and compliance.

Offer flexible connectivity options to partners – extend site-to-site and web-based or client VPN end-user access, easily controlled for short-term projects.

Reduce total cost of ownership – with the ANX Software as a Service (Saas) solution, there's no hardware or software to purchase, and no hidden costs.

Secure Value Chain Collaboration for Auto

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Managed Remote Access