Product Lifecycle Management Professional Services

Application Installation — ANX installs CAD applications for customers so users are productive, efficient, and compliant with their customers standards.

System Refresh — Our technical experts conduct infrastructure examinations and document the complete process to provide detailed improvement plans.

Upgrades — ANX reviews customer installations to ensure they have current release and patch levels as specified by their business partners.

System Administration Support — ANX provides Systems Engineers to support gaps in a customers staff.

Infrastructure Standards — ANX technical experts will assess and create a set of standards for a customer's infrastructure using best practices and system consistency throughout a site.

Roll-out Support — A fully licensed and trained team of ANX technical experts provide increased support for program roll-outs to meet peak demands.

Software Applications — A full offering of training programs for product development tools — from basic fundamental courses to advanced curriculums -- are offered by ANX.

Customized Programs/Content — ANX will supply custom configured educational programs and content that is industry-specific.

After Training Support — On-the-job support programs are available to enhance a customer team's knowledge retention and promote problem-solving skills.

Accredited Programs — University accredited classes and certification programs are available through ANX.

Certification — ANX will certify customers in OEM practices and methodologies.

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