Security Index Assessment: A Business Approach to Assessing Compliance

Business Objectives Met:

Service Description

Technology alone is not enough to ensure that data remains safe at every point in an enterprise. A holistic review, like the Security Index Assessment (SIA), considers four key areas—networks, systems, operations and applications—to uncover potential risks throughout the enterprise.

The SIA applies the ARX-S Index as a process to outline security deficiencies and implement security solutions. The outcome of this process is a Security Index rating that quantifies weaknesses and strengths in each of seven critical domains of security protection. The SIA simplifies complex security issues and outlines a detailed and task-oriented strategy to improve information security.

Security Assessment This information provides knowledge to help you make informed and educated decisions about where to focus your resources and investments to best protect your information assets.

Aligning business and security objectives with the appropriate levels of policies, technologies and security management, the SIA also:

This information allows you to map out a solid strategy for improving your security posture, and ultimately becomes a benchmark against which you can measure improvements in your organization’s security over time.

Our consultants leverage TruComply, ANX’ IT GRC technology, to perform Security Index Assessments.