ANX CloudDefender

A Firewall is Not Enough

Cloud-based UTM services that work with your existing firewall to improve security posture, including web and email hygiene protection and expert support.

Your company's information is under silent assault. Sophisticated criminals are unleashing millions of new cyber threats each month. A firewall does not protect against today's Content-Based threats. CloudDefender from ANX delivers unsurpassed security without requiring new hardware. Threats are evaluated in the ANX Security Cloud and blocked before ever reaching your users.

CloudDefender Threat Chart

Content-Based Threats

  • Rapidly growing
  • Cause the most damage
  • Most difficult to defend against. Need extra processing power
  • Blended attacks are common

Connection-Based Threats

  • Properly configured firewall mitigates risk


  • Comprehensive protection against content-based threats
  • Continually updated Cloud platform protects against new threats
  • Works with existing firewall
  • Affordable
  • Scalable

Powerful, Cloud-based Security Services

Anti-Virus and Malware

Anti-Virus and Malware

Integrates industry leading antivirus technology from Kaspersky Lab

Summary of Main Anti-Virus Features
Protection Levels Yes
Quarantine Yes
User Notification Yes (configurable)
Deletion of Infected Files Yes
Reports ON-demand and automated reports
Updates Continuous, automatic and incremental


  • Less than 0.4% false positives
  • 98% effectiveness level
Summary of Main Anti-Spam Features
Detection Techniques Over 15
Filtering Profiles Yes (unlimited)
Profile by Users/IPs Yes (unlimited)
Personal Lists Blacklis and Whitelist
User Notification Yes (configurable)
Outgoing Spam Yes
Multilanguage Support Yes
Quarantine Yes
Reports On-demand and automated reports
Updates Continuous, automatic and incremental
Web Filtering

Web Filtering

  • 97-99% effectiveness level is industry leading
  • Online revision system enables rapid correction of oer filtering errors
Summary of Main Web Filter Features
Available Categories Over 50
New Categories Yes
Filtering Profiles Yes (configurable)
Profiles by Users/IPs Yes (unlimited)
Schedule by Category Yes
Filter by File Type Video, Music, Executables, etc.
Actions Bypass, Block, Block with URL, Password Override
Personal Lists Blacklist and Whitelist
Reports On-demand and automated reports
Updates Continuous, automatic and incremental


AdsFree service provides advertising blocking capabilities to the system. It blocks pop-ups, hides banners and freezes gif animation improving the user navigation experience



Anti-phishing engine that scans both web and mail traffic to identify suspicious activity and protects from phishing scams

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Managed Security Services