Virtual Private Networks for Remote Access Worker Productivity

Getting the connection is just the start...a simple VPN tunnel, which all VPN providers give you, doesn't do much for your end user.

Does the user have access to the applications he needs? If not, can he automatically get the application?

Are his drives properly mapped to the data he needs? Can he backup his work? Is his desktop properly configured for a work session - especially if he is using a home PC? Is the remote access authentication complicated and confusing to the point of being prohibitive?

With PositivePro's patent-pending Desktop Reconfiguration technology, each time a user signs in, his desktop is automatically configured to make sure he is properly set up for a work session.

Everything the remote access worker needs to be productive. Not just a tunnel back to the LAN leaving the user on their own to navigate "Network Neighborhood", or configure his own applications.

And when the session is over, everything is restored to its original state.

If there are any questions or concerns, the user can chat or call our help desk, which is always there to help out.

With the power and simplicity of PositivePro, your users will truly be enabled to work beyond the office.

Remote Access Demo

Managed Remote Access