ANXVelocity® Proactive Monitoring

All VANs, even the Tier-1 ANX-Certified VAN partners, have outages from time-to-time. As a standard service to ANXVelocity® clients, ANX constantly monitors ANX-Certified VAN partners for system availability, to ensure service levels are being met and to identify outage conditions earlier than often disclosed directly by VANs. By constantly monitoring availability, ANX is able to proactively identify issues with a VAN’s infrastructure or communications network and is able to remedy situations often before ANXVelocity® clients are impacted. Similarly, ANX’s Proactive Monitoring dashboard tracks VAN availability and outage patterns over time. If ANX detects a negative shift in a VAN’s outage frequencies or durations, ANX will notify ANXVelocity® clients on that VAN network, allowing the client to take corrective actions (e.g. change to another ANX-Certified VAN partner) prior to experiencing lost connectivity to trading partners. Proactive Monitoring and Remediation – Solutions that add value and reduce risks.