ANX WebDX: User-Friendly, Intelligent EDI For All Companies

ANX WebDX, ANX's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) EDI solution, allows for rapid and efficient enablement of trading partners who lack EDI capabilities. By utilizing ANX WebDX to extend EDI usage to 100% of their trading community, companies are able to significantly reduce the costs and errors associated with paper-based transactions. And since ANX WebDX can be utilized with any VAN, companies may switch VAN providers without forcing technology changes on their trading communities. Another way ANX provides Options and Flexibility

ANX WebDX, already used by thousands of companies globally, combines a user-friendly, intuitive interface with intelligence and business rules that pre-populate documents (e.g. Invoices and ASNs from POs) and checks for information compliance and accuracy between related documents (e.g. Do ship quantities equal order quantities?). Combing business logic with an intuitive interface, results in increased accuracy and decreases costs and time remediating incorrect transactions and data.

ANX WebDX features include:

View the demo now

View the demo now

WebDX Web Interface

Simple web interface makes EDI easy and fast