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Welcome! Now that we have launched our 'Communities', we felt it was important to give everyone a way to give us feedback and comments regarding our website.


It is important to us that our site presents useful information, and encourages you to return. However, should you encounter something that makes you not want to return, we want to know about that too!


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Posted May 4th 2010, 16:47 by Eric

Site Search Issues
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When we rolled out our communities, we felt it would be beneficial to index them in our site's search engine. This has not been without its fallbacks however. Please bear with us as we work on getting it running correctly. As the communities and various other sections of the site accumulate content, it will be a very valuable tool.


We are constantly tweaking it to provide more accurate and targeted search results! Feel free to post any suggestions or concerns in this discussion!

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Posted May 18th 2010, 08:54 by Eric