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Aug 15th 2011, 10:54

DefCon 19 ReCap - Security When Nanoseconds Count

Posted by Steven Fox
High-speed trading - it's a reality often lost in the discussions of current financial challenges.  Much of the trading activity that drives the global economy occurs at speeds that exceed human capability.  Yes - computers conduct trades at nanosecond speeds based on mathematical algorithms.  These algorithms take into account information from global markets, futures trading, financial indicators, among other factors to make trading decisions.  Speed is money for these systems. Any devices that increases network latency - such as a firewall - means lost profits.
Security When Nanoseconds Count was a presentation at DefCon 19 where James Arlen discussed security in an environment where firewalls, access control lists, and system hardening are

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Jun 3rd 2011, 12:14

Can You Stomach The SPAM?

Posted by Matt Peterson
Most of us go through our daily routines of digesting a healthy amount of SPAM without ever noticing its nutritional value.  There are several factors that help those responsible for securing ourselves with understanding the multiple flavors this wonderful package brings us in the form of email.  For security administrators, we often choose "delete" like every other user, but certainly there are some value in determining the various trends associated that make people want more SPAM!  Why?  Because if it didn't work, we would no longer have all this SPAM sitting around.
Don't knock it 'till you try it!  Go ahead, open up that email and take a look at the messaging involved, and you'll notice the increasing smell

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