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ANX Profiles Franchise Security Breach in Live Webcast

Posted August 16, 2011, 6:10 pm by Julie Pham

Press Release


Enterprise Security Consulting Manager John Roskoph Walks Through a Franchise Security Breach Scenario and Discusses Causes, Consequences, and Safeguards to Protect Your Franchise Against a Possible Breach

Southfield, MI August 17, 2011 – ANXeBusiness Corp. (ANX), a leading provider of managed security, compliance and connectivity solutions, today announced that it will host a live webcast on August 24, 2011, entitled “Profile of a Franchise Security Breach.” The Webcast will feature John Roskoph, enterprise security consulting manager at ANX.

In the complex distributed environment of franchises, sensitive customer data is processed, transmitted, or stored across a diverse range of sites, including POS locations, offices, warehouses, distribution centers, or web channels, creating numerous points of weakness for criminals to exploit. A security breach or a loss of confidential customer data can have serious adverse financial and reputational implications on a brand. And it can be increasingly difficult for franchises to improve brand image and rebuild consumer trust in this fragile economic environment with nearly 76% of the small businesses that experience a customer data breach going out of business within a year.


What:              Webcast: “Profile of a Franchise Security Breach”

When:             August 24, 2011 at 12 PM CT/1 PM ET



In this session, ANX’s enterprise security consulting manager John Roskoph will walk you through a franchise security breach scenario, and discuss with you the causes, consequences and the safeguards to protect your franchise against a possible breach.


  • Profile of a franchise security breach
  • Serious adverse implications of a data breach
  • Top 5 safeguards to protect your network against franchise security breach
  • ANX  PCI DSS compliance and security solution for franchise networks


Who should attend?
Franchise owners, Franchisors, VP of Franchise Development, Regional Franchise Managers or anyone involved in a distributed location environment.


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