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Aug 14th 2014, 11:00

ANX Partners with PCI University to Simplify PCI Compliance for Merchants

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Posted by Glenn Moore
Industry-first partnership enhances ANX’s ability to help merchants understand how to reduce the chance of data breach and demonstrate PCI DSS compliance. 
SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (August 14, 2014) – ANXeBusiness Corp. (ANX), a leading provider of managed security and PCI compliance solutions to the retail industry, announced a unique partnership with PCI University, makers of an innovative,15-minute approach to helping merchants ramp up their PCI DSS understanding and security.  The partnership with PCI University strengthens ANX’s ability to serve as a one-stop provider for merchants that need to first understand their PCI DSS obligations and then need an affordable solution delivering the technology, tools, and

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Jun 17th 2014, 14:46

Compliance and protection for pharmacy owners

Posted by Chris Schramm
A pizza joint has to worry about PCI compliance. PCI Compliance is securing their customer’s credit card and personal information. A hospital has to worry about HIPAA compliance. HIPAA compliance is securing a patient’s personal information.
What if you have to worry about both?
Pharmacies are in this unique situation. They are receiving information on a customer’s prescription. This falls under HIPAA. They then have to charge the customer via credit card. This falls under PCI.
Which one is more important?
That’s a loaded question. A violation of either can result is massive fees, fines and bad PR. So both are equal and extremely important. A slip up, and you could lose your pharmacy. Fees, fines and loss of business can often

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Apr 15th 2014, 10:16

What Window XP's end-of-life means to PCI Compliance

Posted by Chris Schramm
The day has arrived. R.I.P Windows XP. We loved you. We hated you. And now you are gone.
As of April 8, 2014, Windows XP is no longer supported and updated by Microsoft. It’s called an “end-of-life.”
Microsoft has gone on recording as saying they predict there will be a large increase in malware infections after April 8. Hackers, spammers and cyber criminals are all expected to exploit security holes.
For retail businesses that take credit cards, it is simple. If you are running Windows XP on any of your computers, you are no longer PCI Compliant. It comes down to PCI DSS Requirement 6.2, which states that you will “Ensure that all system components and software are protected from known

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May 17th 2013, 16:07

The National Restaurant Association, EarthLink Business and ANX eBusiness align to make maintaining PCI compliance easier and more affordable for the industry

Posted by Chris Schramm
Solutions will provide restaurateurs with comprehensive services and expertise for safeguarding customer data
(Chicago) The National Restaurant Association has formed a relationship with EarthLink Business, (NASDAQ: ELNK),  a leading IT services and communications provider, and ANXeBusiness Corp. (ANX), a PCI Certified Qualified Security Assessor and leading provider of compliance solutions, to offer solutions to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements.  The partnership gives restaurateurs a single trusted source for the IT and communication services they need to effectively run their restaurant and point-of-sale systems while safeguarding customer data.
"Achieving and managing PCI compliance is a challenge for

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Aug 23rd 2012, 11:20

Don’t Tackle PCI Compliance without the Right Tools

Posted by Manville Chan
If you’re a small business owner, you probably think that meeting your PCI compliance requirements and filing your IRS tax return have a lot in common. Both are overwhelmingly tedious, confusing, and complicated. There’s so much jargon that you need to spend a great deal of time just figuring it out what is required.
If you are a typical tax filer, you have three options—file the return by hand, pay someone else to prepare your tax return, or file the return using tax preparation software such as TurboTax. The advent of online tax preparation software has gained a lot of traction over the past few years, mainly because it substantially reduces the time taken to file your tax return. It also has the added convenience of allowing you to access your tax

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