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Jun 17th 2014, 14:46

Compliance and protection for pharmacy owners

Posted by Chris Schramm
A pizza joint has to worry about PCI compliance. PCI Compliance is securing their customer’s credit card and personal information. A hospital has to worry about HIPAA compliance. HIPAA compliance is securing a patient’s personal information.
What if you have to worry about both?
Pharmacies are in this unique situation. They are receiving information on a customer’s prescription. This falls under HIPAA. They then have to charge the customer via credit card. This falls under PCI.
Which one is more important?
That’s a loaded question. A violation of either can result is massive fees, fines and bad PR. So both are equal and extremely important. A slip up, and you could lose your pharmacy. Fees, fines and loss of business can often

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May 29th 2014, 12:56

ANX Launches SecureHIPAA Solution

Tags: HIPAA security
Posted by Glenn Moore
Solution protects pharmacy and healthcare practice owners from the growing risk of HIPAA fines while simplifying HIPAA compliance
SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (May 27, 2014) – ANXeBusiness Corp. (ANX), a leading provider of managed compliance and security solutions to the healthcare industry, announced the launch of SecureHIPAA.  SecureHIPAA provides pharmacies and healthcare practices with essential protection from the growing risk of HIPAA fines while helping them assess their level of HIPAA compliance and correct any gaps.  ANX also announced that healthcare businesses could now obtain both HIPAA and PCI compliance protection in a single, affordable solution called SecureCompliance.  This solution provides comprehensive financial

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Jan 30th 2013, 09:47

ANX Earns Third Party Verification of HIPAA Compliance

Posted by Glenn Moore
ANX solutions cited as delivering the highest standards of confidentiality and data protection required by the Healthcare industry 

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (January 30, 2013) – ANXeBusiness Corp. (ANX), a leading provider of managed connectivity, transaction delivery, and compliance solutions to the Healthcare industry, announced that independent auditor, Supremus Group LLC, has audited ANX’s compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and its amendments (HITECH 2009).
ANX was evaluated using a rigorous process to ensure that administrative, physical and technical safeguards were in place. Supremus Group verified that ANX uses NIST certified technology in the operation of ANX’s

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Jul 28th 2011, 15:49

HITECH Privacy and Security Regulations Update

Posted by Jason Luke
While the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) of 2009 is over two years old, most people do not realize that many of its requirements are not fully in place yet, specifically the data security and privacy requirements.
Originally, many of HITECH's requirements around privacy and security were supposed to be effective on February 17, 2010. HHS has stated that the expected date of compliance and enforcement of these new requirements, except for the data breach rules, will be delayed until a period after the issuance of the final rules, which are not out yet. Recently, the HHS announced that the final rules implementing HITECH's changes to privacy, security, and data breach notification will be issued together sometime this year,

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Jul 28th 2011, 15:48

HITECH Accounting of Disclosures Rule

Posted by Jason Luke
The HITECH act Sec 13405(c) establishes a new right for patients to receive an accounting of who accessed their PHI.
HHS released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) relating to this new right that expands on the text of the law and has significant impact to covered entities and business associates.
The new proposal creates the right for a patient to obtain a report of all uses and disclosures of their PHI. Since the HIPAA Security Rule requires audit logging, there is a presumption that this data is already collected. There is substantial disagreement as to whether the Security Rule actually requires all the logging that would be necessary to meet this new reporting requirement, and it is doubtful that most companies could easily accommodate such a request. Essentially, this

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