Remote Desktop Access

The Remote Desktop Agent (RDA) grants one PC parallel control over another PC (its keyboard, video monitor and mouse) via the PositivePro WebTop or VPN Client. This powerful capability is useful in two types of applications: The first is where a user wants remote access to a PC at the office from home or while traveling. The second is where an administrator needs to assist a user experiencing difficulty with the VPN — or any other PC-based application — from a Help Desk or other remote location.

The only requirement is that the remote PC be connected to the office LAN, and have the Remote Desktop Access Agent installed and running. On Windows XP Pro and Windows Server 2000/2003, better performance and extended resource-sharing capabilities including file, printer, and audio redirection are automatically made available through RDP (Microsoft's Terminal Services protocol).

With the RDA, users and administrators don't need to keep track of their dynamic IP address or remember their machine name. They simply install the RDA at the office then access it by clicking on an icon that's created on the WebTop and as a right-click option from the PositivePro Client system tray.

The Remote Desktop Agent automatically configures the remote PC for remote access control, and automatically reconfigures the PC to its original settings when the session ends. The PositivePro RDA is also fully compatible with the VNC protocol from AT&T, requiring only an IP address and port assignment to interoperate.

  • Simple browser-based install and launching
  • File Transfer capabilities
  • File, printer, and audio redirection*
  • Local cursor handling
  • Configurable compression levels, including JPEG

Remote Access Demo

Managed Remote Access