Using the Cloud for Business Continuity

Posted March 19, 2010, 8:38 am by Glenn Moore

"Affordable business continuity" ranks up there with "governmental efficiency" on the list of oxymorons.  Or does it?  Business continuity is being transformed by the cloud.   The combination of multitenancy, affordable bandwidth, and secure access technologies is changing how companies architect disaster recovery.  The elastic nature of cloud computing enables companies to replicate in-house infrastructure and applications in the cloud in a matter of hours.  Moreover, cloud infrastructure providers like GoGrid feature variable pricing based on usage.  By moving more of the cost from fixed to variable, standby configurations like business continuity have become much more affordable.


It's also easier than ever to securely connect company data center resources to cloud infrastructure providers.  ANXeBusiness has a cloud on-ramp solution that allows companies to immediately establish connections from: 1) the data center to cloud infrastructure, 2) between cloud infrastructures, and 3) remote users to cloud or data center applications.  The ANX cloud-on ramp can be completely set up within hours without the need to purchase unique VPN devices.  In fact, companies wishing to set up a business continuity solution can establish the entire configuration including secure interconnection within hours by using GoGrid and ANXeBusiness.


If you'd like to learn more about the benefits and "how to's" of setting up business continuity through GoGrid and ANXeBusiness, check out our complimentary webinar on Monday, March 22 at 2pm eastern.



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