CCSK Training in San Jose, June 8-10

Posted May 26, 2011, 11:14 am by Jose Malacara

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This week I was planning on writing about my experience with the CSA's CCSK certification exam. There has been a slight change of plans. Once I started going through the CCSK study guides (CSA's Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing V2.1  and the ENISA report Cloud Computing: Benefits, Risks and Recommendations for Information Security) did I realize just how much material the exam covers. While I have "real world" hands on experience through my work here at ANX, and have been through the study material several times, I was beginning to doubt my readiness for the CCSK. For those of you that will be taking the test soon, how confident are you about passing the exam?

Well, thankfully, the CSA has us covered. On June 8-10 the CSA will be offering CCSK courses for those of us that might need a little extra help in preparing for the exam. It also looks like a great opportunity for those new to cloud computing who want get up to speed quickly and become conversant in the "cloud" groundswell. The material is based on the training that was first offered to early adopters at RSA back February. The CSA is offering three unique versions of CCSK course during the training event, which will take place at Ebay's North Campus in San Jose:

Day 1 (June 8th) CCSK Basic A fast-paced one day "crash course" in all things cloud. The material is lecture based with no hands-on component. CSA describes it as "a comprehensive one day review of cloud security fundamentals and prepares them to take the Cloud Security Alliance CCSK certification exam." The cost is $595 with a test token or $300 without a test token. Register for the CCSK Basic course here

Day 2 (June 9th) CCSK Plus Builds on CCSK-Basic lecture material and the addition of a hands-on lab component. The hands-on portion will have students working through a "real world" secure cloud deployment scenario. The cost is $1,195 with a test token or $900 without a test token. Register for the CCSK Plus course here

Day 3 (June 10th) CCSK "Train the trainer" Provides students the opportunity to become certified to teach CCSK prep classes themselves. Builds on the material covered in the previous two days with an emphasis on presenting the CCSK prep material and instruction. The cost is $1,395. Register for the CCSK "Train the trainer" course here

Find more information about this and other upcoming CCSK training events at their website:

See you in class on June 8th.

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