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Mar 19th 2010, 08:38

Using the Cloud for Business Continuity

Posted by Glenn Moore
"Affordable business continuity" ranks up there with "governmental efficiency" on the list of oxymorons.  Or does it?  Business continuity is being transformed by the cloud.   The combination of multitenancy, affordable bandwidth, and secure access technologies is changing how companies architect disaster recovery.  The elastic nature of cloud computing enables companies to replicate in-house infrastructure and applications in the cloud in a matter of hours.  Moreover, cloud infrastructure providers like GoGrid feature variable pricing based on usage.  By moving more of the cost from fixed to variable, standby configurations like business continuity have become much more

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Feb 24th 2010, 11:30

ANX Webinar on Feb 26 - Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Posted by Glenn Moore
Join us this Friday, February 26th at 2pm eastern for our latest webinar - Disaster Recovery in the Cloud. 
ANX is partnering with GoGrid to deliver a flexible and cost effective disaster recovery program in the cloud.  Learn how this solution can be quickly implemented giving you affordable peace of mind.
Click here to enroll in the webinar.

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Nov 9th 2009, 16:29

SMBs – Time to Incorporate Pandemics into your Business Continuity Planning

Posted by Dennis Piche
These days when teams get together to discuss risk scenarios, the focus tends to be on facilities (ie What if disaster strikes?) and suppliers (ie What if we cannot get the materials we need to produce our product or service?).  Epidemics or pandemics rarely enter the thought process.  The recent outbreak of H1N1, commonly known as the swine flu, is forcing business managers to consider risks to their primary resource – their employees. 
SMBs are especially susceptible to the negative economic impacts of a flu pandemic.  Considering that many are fighting to stay afloat as it is, H1N1 combined with the recession, has the potential to create a perfect storm.
So what type of risks does H1N1 present to your

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