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Posted November 9, 2009, 2:05 pm by Yaron Levi

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3 years ago a good friend of mine from Atlanta and his family drove back home. When they reached their subdivision they noticed their cul-de-sac was blocked by fire tracks, to their horror they saw that their house was in flames. The fire investigator concluded that the fire was caused by a power surge resulting from lighting that struck the house.  The house was burned completely with everything that was inside, luckily there was nobody home.


The next morning while walking through the remains of his house my friend found very few things that were not consumed by the fire. One of them was his wedding photo album. You can guess the affect of this finding on his wife… Since they got married long before the digital age all they had was those photo prints.


I’m an armature photographer; since my first daughter was born 8 years ago I shot over 15,000 digital photos. All my photos are stored on my home server that has several disks in RAID configuration. I even bought an external hard drive and made another copy and I think I also have couple of backup DVDs. So compare to the average user I am much better protected, but everything is in my house. God forbid something happens ….. Well I don’t even want to think about it.


Recently I discovered the cloud based backup services. The first thing I did…Backup my family photos!


Cloud based backup is yet another computing utility. I am using one of the major providers; my data is stored in a redundant environment that only a nuclear attack on the entire country may destroy (I guess at that point it won’t matter anyway). How many times companies go through Oops or Oh Sh…. moment and lose valuable data, from my experience backup is one of the weakest links in almost any IT organization I worked with and more often than not when the backup is really needed it is normally not available because of different reasons.

Many companies afraid to store the data in the cloud because they have security concerns but if done right there is no reason to worry. if you don’t know how to do it, let ANXeBusiness help you, we’ll make sure you are secured all the way.


Home file server with RAID array disks …. $1000


1 TB external backup hard drive …. $129


1GB of storage in the cloud.... $0.15 per month


Getting a complement from my wife that I finally did something useful with my computer toys …. Priceless!!!


There are some things money can’t buy but for secured data storage there is cloud based backup.

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