Thank you for the ……… Spiderman!

Posted November 25, 2009, 3:44 pm by Yaron Levi

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At my 2½ year old son's pre-school, every Friday during morning recess their teacher grabs a guitar and plays a song that goes like this ....“Bless you our God and thank you for the …..”, then the teacher will point at one of the kids. The chosen kid will say what he is thankful for and then the teacher sings about what the kid selected and so on…


It's truly amazing to see how a 2½ year old kid is really thankful for the one little thing that is so important to them: Spiderman, flowers, my dog, my mommy….man I really miss my childhood!


Turkey Dinner At ANX, we are thankful for the small things like...


  • Thank you for all the cloud computing providers that makes computing-power a utility service for the masses.
  • Thank you for the architects of those companies who don’t provide adequate security solutions, leaving it to companies like ANX to provide their expertise.
  • Thank you for those who put regulations out there like HIPAA and PCI allowing us to help our customers with those compliance issues.
  • Thank you for the hackers who help keeping our security experts sharp and on their toes.
  • Thank you for our friends at PhoneFactor who discovered vulnerability with SSL.
  • Thank you for ANX architect who developed our own proprietary protocol that is more robust from SSL and immune to attacks that target SSL.
  • Thank you for my team members and colleagues who work tirelessly to keep our customers safe and happy by providing superior customer experience.


And above all, thank you for our customers who trust and give us the opportunity to provide the best managed security services in the industry.


Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

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