Would you buy a cow for a glass of Milk?

Posted November 9, 2009, 1:52 pm by Yaron Levi

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Farmers who grow cows not just love their job but they must enjoy it! Otherwise I can’t really explain why they’ll wake up every morning at 4:00AM to Milk their cows. There is something special about growing cows and there is so much to know too. For example, if you want to get the most out of your cow you need to take good care of it, you need to keep it clean, you want to keep a comfortable temperature for it, you need to take care of it when it is sick, you need to know its favorite food etc. etc.


When I look at those farmers I am always amazed by how much they know and do. I am not a farmer, I understand nothing about cows handling so the best solution for me is to go to the grocery store and buy 1 carton of milk for $1.29


Sinclair ZX-81 was the first computer I ever put my hands on. It had an impressive capacity of 1KB of RAM and it could be extended with an external black box that had astonishing 16KB of RAM, best of all each key on the keyboard contained a BASIC command so I could tell it whatever I wanted to do. After 2 weeks of playing with it I developed a brilliant game where the computer picked a random number and I had to guess it in minimum tries. I was only 12 but from that day on I was the family’s computers genius.


Computers can be found in almost every household these days but for most people it is a big pain point. They cost money, they are not easy to maintain, they become sluggish over time, things stop working, the computer becomes infected by viruses, important files are been lost, the list goes on and on and every time the family computers genius is called to the rescue. Companies are not different; no matter if you have a small business or large corporation you always shrug when you get the bill to pay those geeks who manage your IT infrastructure. What really pisses you off is that every 2 – 3 years you have to buy new computers and new software that do exactly what the old one did, yet you can’t imagine working without computers and as much as you hate those IT guys, who say no to everything and try to explain you in their words that what you are asking is too complex, you can’t live without them.


A business owner once told me: “I want computers to be like my phone, whenever I pick up the handset I get a dial tone! I don’t care how or who does it but it always work. Same is true for your water service, whenever you turn the handle on your faucet water comes out, when you flip a switch there is light and you always pay for what you use, period! You don’t care about anything else. I have all those fancy computers, 3 support guys and there is always something. I wish I could only pay for what I use and not worry about anything else. Why do I need to buy the cow for a glass of milk?”


In the past a computer system gave the company a competitive advantage over its rivals but these days computers are such a commodity that they became part of the costs of doing business. Companies competed over the sophistication of their computer systems, they spent trillions of dollars on computers, software and people and whatever their main business might be they had no choice but to be in the data processing business as well or in other words: they had to buy the cow.


Until now.


Several technological innovations, also known as Cloud-Computing, are offering better and more efficient business solutions.


Cloud-Computing means different things to different people. Some call it Managed IT services, others refer to it as Software as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service or Platform as a Service but no matter what you call it, cloud computing is simply another common utility that anyone can use without worrying about how it’s done or how it is managed. Like electricity, water or phone service, there will be another bill you’ll pay for only the computing resources you’ll use. Connecting to the Computing Grid is no different from connecting to the Power or Water grids. As one doesn’t need to be a cow specialist to get his milk from the grocery store, one doesn’t need to be an IT wiz to consume computing resources from the cloud. Just connect and use as much as you need, when you need it. Don’t worry about anything else!


The biggest challenge is how to connect to the cloud. Companies like ANXeBusiness will help you connect and will ensure that your connection is reliable and secured, so like your water service it is always there. We are nothing more than Network Plumbers.

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