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Dec 18th 2009, 16:01

Cloud computing and the 1st amendment

Posted by Yaron Levi
I am regular member of the ANX blog squad, as such I am on the hook every other week to turn in my post. If that’s not enough the other ANX bloggers are pretty damn smart and creative, so there is a high standard to meet in order to stay in the game hence my creativity should stay on high alert all the time. Earlier this week I turned in my blog post and to my horror it was censored by our Chief Blog Inquisitor (that to say my Director of Marketing). I thought it was a great post (and so did he) but it was rated one notch above PG-13 hence could not be published ……… argh….
Being the knucklehead that I am, I got pissed! In my mind it was a violation of my rights under the 1st amendment for freedom of speech. For a

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