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Jun 7th 2010, 11:35

True life tale of Corporate Identity Theft - It could happen to you!

Posted by Barry Chapman
Identity theft is a sore subject to those it has happened to. For most of us, we either fear it; or we think it will not happen to us. This is an all too true recount of a local business owner who discovered that her company website had been hacked. A day by day timeline based on a blog authored by Linda W. Fitzgerald is included here, told as the events materialized.
Days One & Two: I used to think that the phrase "cold sweat" was just an expression. But I was wrong, as I discovered yesterday when I sat at my desk, reading an email that a media buyer had forwarded to me. It was supposedly from someone who wanted to purchase advertising on her company's website.The cold sweat started when I read the signature at the bottom:Anna MillerPurchasing

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