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Aug 27th 2010, 09:13

Aggregate your Frankenstein Network

Posted by Mike Kelsen
So, you’ve made the decision to incorporate broadband into your corporate WAN, deploying Internet as a Transport (IAAT) at branch office locations distributed across the country.
Great. Now what?
Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as dialing the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you use at headquarters (HQ). The problem is that, generally, there is no single ISP covering all of your locations nationwide. Instead, in the US, we have a patchwork of telecomm providers and Multiple System Operators (MSOs) broken-down by region and transport type.
Want cable in Minneapolis? Well, that’s Comcast. DSL in Dallas? Call AT&T.
Now, let’s say you make the heroic, up-front effort and are able to engage (and negotiate separate contracts

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