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Feb 17th 2012, 10:32

The Essentials of Encryption

Posted by Jorge Flores
“The ability to spread knowledge and inspire action are two of man’s greatest gifts” -Unknown
Welcome to the third installment of my data breach prevention/PCI compliance Tip of the Week blog series!
Recently, a very large software company has come under fire after discovering a data breach in one of its servers in India. The dissent this particular breach event has drawn is not rooted in how the attack was carried out, but in the lack of data security on those servers. The customer information that was taken in the data breach was stored in plain text. Sensitive customer information (including identifying and password information) was not encrypted. This company is not alone. The sad truth is that as more and more data breaches occur, the inadequate

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May 26th 2010, 08:58

Dear Google - Why Encrypt My Search???

Posted by John Roskoph
So the tech headlines state “Google rolls out encrypted Web search option”; and with a simple move to https for all web searching, a company is sending shockwaves through URL filtering engines all over the world.   Not that most filtering mechanisms don’t offer SSL capable filtering, but it is a more sophisticated deployment; and one where most setups would need hardware acceleration to keep up.   According to Google, image and video searches will not be offered through the initial encrypted solution, but this will just be a matter of time.   This is a nice slick tie in the Google suite of products, from email, to Google Docs and at a high level it definitely makes sense.   The question

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