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May 15th 2012, 15:48

The Increasing Risk of Class Action Litigation from Healthcare Data Breaches

Posted by Jorge Flores
In this digital age, privacy is seemingly becoming more of a distant ideal than a reality. The “digitization” of important information and records, while creating efficiencies and improving data flow, has also exponentially increased the risks of associated privacy issues concerning this data. This has especially been the case in the healthcare industry. Data breaches involving healthcare information, or from healthcare facilities, is drastically on the rise. This year we have already seen dozens of data breaches stemming from the healthcare industry. These breaches have exposed over half a million records to potential criminals and data thieves in 2012 alone. Even more shocking is that an estimated 18 million confidential patient records have been breached in just the

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Feb 29th 2012, 16:18

HIMSS 2012 Observations

Posted by Charles Robbins
What do you get when you bring 37,000 attendees together with 1,100 healthcare IT vendors? HIMSS 2012 of course.  Given all the activity in the health IT sector, this year's conference was the most overwhelming to date.  The explosion in social media was obvious throughout the conference.  In fact, the hashtag #himss12 set a world record for healthcare conference tweet volume on February 12th with 6,438 tweets.  I guess that explains what all those vendors were doing on their phones as I passed their booth!  Here are a couple other observations from this year's conference.
Enthusiasm About The Future
Given the fact that hospital use of EHRs has doubled over the past two years, combined with the more than $3.1 billion in

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Oct 10th 2011, 10:12

Who Says You Can’t Have It All Part 1: Connectivity Not Just Another Connection

Posted by Mike Nunez
This week was not just another week, well if you live in the Nunez household or with me around, every week is not just another week.  Something new is always lurking.  From a business approach, this week it is the Laboratory Pathology Informatics Conference.  This conference is a gathering of over 1000 healthcare professionals learning about different industry standards like technology, testing methods and ways to improve patient outcomes.  What a wonderful place to be and our company, ANX, allowing us to attend such an event.  This conference is one of several held throughout the year and is one of the last important conferences of the year.  The healthcare professionals attending consists of pathologists, medical technologists,

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