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Jul 13th 2010, 15:03

Twitter, OAuth, Contests and More

Posted by Barry Chapman
So it has been a little while since I talked about anything website related, so I figured I would take this chance to do so and fill you in on some changes that have happened around here - along with some things that are in the works!
First and foremost, we have launched our new and improved Media section. To start with, this section will be supplying you with podcasts and webinars that are presented by ANX. It will be expanded in the future to accomodate related downloads (such as slides/powerpoints and the likes). There are also RSS feeds associated with these either as a combination, just webinars or just podcasts.
We have also opened this media up to anyone. You are not required to create an account on to download/subscribe to/view this media. However, by doing so, you

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