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Posted November 12, 2009 9:44 am by Anthony Maughan

IT Remote Access: The Times are a-Changing

What does “IT remote access” mean to you? 

IT remote access has evolved immensely throughout the years. 


15 years ago:
IT remote access was for the occasional work from home sales guy, or executives that needed to dial into a corporate bank of modems.  This required patience as documents, presentations and e-mails slowly loaded.


IT remote access has exponentially grown as the flow of timely information has become a critical business advantage.  Employees, vendors, customers, consultants and others all require access to company information in many places and situations.


The Future:
Computing will require information anywhere, anytime, any way. 


What should companies do now?
Traditional approaches to remote access simply can’t address all of the different...

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ANXeBusiness Advises Employee Education and Preparation for Business Continuity with Secure Remote Access to Help Contain the Spread of H1N1

Organizations should look to develop flexible policies to allow workers to telecommute to help protect employee health

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (Sept 30, 2009) — ANXeBusiness Corp., a leading provider of networking and security managed services, today issued advice for IT organizations on the importance of disaster plan readiness, proper employee education and preparation for organizations to maintain business continuity during the H1N1 influenza pandemic. To maintain critical work flow during these times and to help protect employee health, organizations should be equipped to address the increase of employees who prefer flexible schedules...

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ANXeBusiness Urges Companies to Prepare for Surge in Remote Access Requests as Workers Stay Home to Avoid Swine Flu.

Health Crisis, Terrorism, Severe Weather Require Comprehensive Business Continuity Solution for Secure Remote Access to Business-Critical Data and Applications

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (May 1, 2009) - ANXeBusiness Corp., a leading provider of networking and security managed services, today warned corporate IT departments to prepare for a dramatic increase in remote access requests as employees opt to work from home during the Swine Flu outbreak. The company offers its PositivePRO hosted managed service for secure remote access as a fast and easy way for IT departments to deploy a highly scalable SSL VPN solution without buying, installing and configuring an...

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