ANXVelocity® Error Monitoring and Visibility Portal

In addition to providing visibility into transaction data, Managed Services Production Operations provides similar real-time visibility into errors and error resolution status. When clients outsource their e-commerce program to ANX, clients shift responsibility to ANX for monitoring and remediation of transaction and mapping errors. This shift in responsibility, however, does not diminish the need for clients to have real-time access to the status of error remediation. ANX has pioneered the use of a real-time Error Monitoring and Visibility Portal that provides an instantaneous snapshot of current errors, resolution steps, the ANX Production Operations team member(s) working to resolve, and the anticipated resolution time. Providing all ANXVelocity® Managed Services clients access to this information is another key way enhances the "Service" in EDI Managed Services.

ANXVelocity® Error Monitoring

ANXVelocity® Error Monitoring and Visibility provides instantaneous insight into error resolution