ANX Overseer Role

ANX is the ANX Overseer (ANXO). The ANXO is responsible for the management and operation of the ANX Network, with responsibilities that include:

ANX Certification Services

Ensuring that all ANX services and the providers of ANX services meet ANX service level agreements is a key duty of the ANXO. Such services as Contracting, Registration, Certification Application, Certification Assessment and Certification Verification (including Certification Probation and Certification Revocation) are the responsibility of the ANXO.

ANX On-Boarding Services

The ANXO manages the process that requires all users of ANX services (Trading Partners) to meet the contractual obligations for participation on the ANX Network. Duties under this area include Contracting, the Registration and ANX Subscription processes.

ANX Help Desk Services

The ANXO provides a complete Help Desk service designed to answer all things related to the ANX Network and the products and services available on the Network. In addition, the ANXO serves as the escalation point for issues that cannot be resolved between ANX Trading Partners and ANX Certified Service Providers.

ANX Directory Services

The ANXO maintains a directory of all ANX participants including Certified Service Providers and Trading Partners, as well as their ANXO status. Questions about the status of an ANX participant should be directed to the ANXO Help Desk 877.488.8269.

Managed Network Services