ANX On-Boarding Process

About The ANX On-Boarding Process

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Onboarding Process

  1. Complete ANX Registration.
  2. Complete ANX Trading Partner Contract.
  3. Contract with ANX Certified Service Provider (CSP) for ANX Network Circuit.
  1. CSP installs ANX Network circuit and CSP managed ANX access router.
  2. CSP configures access control on ANX access router so that connectivity is limited until ANX Subscription is complete.
  1. Complete ANX Subscription Documentation.
  2. Complete ANXTunnelz Contract.
  3. Complete ANXTunnelz Site Assessment Form.
  4. Work with ANX to complete ANXTunnelz install.
  5. ANX informs Trading Partner and CSP that the ANX Subscription process is complete.
  6. CSP removes access control on ANX access router.
  1. Configure VPNs for communication with other ANX Trading Partners.
  2. Transfer data securely and reliably via the ANX Network.

Managed Network Services