The Importance of Remote Access From Non-Company owned PCs

Posted December 21, 2009, 3:23 pm by Glenn Moore

As I watched reports of the east coast getting hammered by the blizzard, I wondered how many employees wouldn't make it to work.  Events like this remind me how beneficial our PositivePRO Cloud-based remote access really is. 


It's widely accepted that remote access is still one of the best technologies to improve worker productivity.  Something to keep in mind when deploying remote access is that more and more individuals want to access company information from their own PC or laptop.   This is especially true of younger workers.  An increasing number of IT staffs recognize that supporting remote access from non-company issued devices is a requirement.  However, allowing such access presents unique security and support challenges.  How can security be assured?  Does the internal IT help desk have the time and expertise to support remote connections on employee owned equipment?


Our PositivePRO Cloud-based remote access service is designed to deliver a superior experience on non-company issued machines.    We have technology that automatically reconfigures non-company issued PCs to work seamlessly with the company network. 


I put together a short video to illustrate how ANX makes remote access from employee owned equipment as intuitive as access from a company issued laptop.


Check us out if your remote access solution can't easily and cost effectively burst to support every employee in times of need.



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