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ANX Adds New Secure Cloud Gateway to PCI Security & Compliance Solution

Posted August 9, 2011, 9:54 am by Julie Pham

Press Release


New gateway helps smaller businesses more cost-effectively achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (August 15, 2011)– ANXeBusiness Corp. (ANX), a leading provider of managed security, compliance and connectivity solutions, today announced Secure Cloud Gateway, an enhancement to its PCI Compliance & Security solution for small businesses. Secure Cloud Gateway includes proprietary technology with features that focus on ensuring merchant PCI DSS compliance.

The ANX PCI Compliance & Security solution affords merchants and small businesses all of the cost benefits of cloud-based technology by delivering a suite of cloud-based UTM services that eliminate threats from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware and other malware launched from malicious web sites and email. The Secure Cloud Gateway resides at the customer premises and works with ANX cloud-based services by providing the following functions:

  • Network routing to direct incoming traffic through the ANX network for scrubbing, as protection against external threats before they enter the customer network
  • Wi-Fi for secure and reliable high-performance wireless access
  • Network security, with monitoring for the most severe threats including worms, viruses, buffer overflows and denial-of-service attacks
  • Web security, including antivirus, web filtering, reporting and inspection of outgoing traffic
  • Internal vulnerability scanning to proactively identify weaknesses in security posture
  • Log collection to support PCI DSS requirement 10.6

“ANX continues to innovate in ways that best address customer needs,” said Paul Arceneaux, Chief Marketing Officer. “That includes containing costs without sacrificing functionality. With Secure Cloud Gateway, we have created a solution that helps our customers maintain fully managed PCI DSS compliance while making that compliance extremely cost-effective for smaller businesses.”

Secure Cloud Gateway is available immediately as part of the ANX PCI Compliance & Security solution. Visit for more information or call 1.877.488.8269 to speak with an ANX representative.

About ANX

ANXeBusiness Corp. is headquartered in Southfield, MI and has offices in Research Triangle Park, NC, Mt. Laurel, NJ, San Diego, CA, and Austin, TX. The ANX mission is to protect our customers’ information, secure their business interactions and be their trusted platform for collaboration. Our solutions help companies secure and exchange information, meet complex compliance requirements, and allow them to focus on what they do best…grow their business. The company’s foundation is built upon deep technical expertise, broad experience with mission-critical data connectivity, a passion for customer support and a proven record of supporting business needs across multiple value chains.

ANX is owned by One Equity Partners (, which manages investments and commitments for JP Morgan Chase & Co. in private equity transactions.  For more information, visit

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