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Presented by Derek Casarez



10.13.2011 Latest Trends in PCI Compliance - PCI SSC Post Show Webinar

With PCI compliance becoming top priority for every organization that stores cardholder information, PCI SSC North American Community Conference offered a unique collaborative platform for attendees to meet face to face with the PCI Security Standards Council and industry stakeholders to discuss and share feedback on real-world experiences implementing comprehensive PCI Compliance Programs, and gain insight on new standards to be released.

Whether you were at the conference or unable to attend, this webinar will give you inside access to the wealth of information provided and an analysis of what this data means to you and your organization.

ANX’s Derek Casarez, Integrated Security and Compliance Specialist, will discuss key takeaways from the PCI SSC North American Community Conference, highlight the latest trends in PCI compliance and provide you with a roadmap to success with your PCI Compliance & Security Program.

  • PCI Compliance Current News/Latest Headlines
  • Real world Case Studies from a QSA perspective
  • Latest technology trends in PCI compliance and security
  • ANX’s approach to PCI Compliance & Security