Hello from RSA

Posted February 14, 2011, 7:13 pm by Kim Francisco

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Kim Francisco

Hello from RSA! 

As we traveled into a rainy San Francisco, we couldn't help but laugh at all of the 'RSA will be mostly cloudy' jokes.  Truly, rain included, we are thrilled to hear all of the excitement around the cloud this year! 

ANX has a large group running around this year’s show.  Look out!  ANX faces include: Matt Peterson, Curtis Blunt, Glenn Moore, Kim Francisco, Paul Arceneaux, and our CEO Rich Stanbaugh.  If you see any of us, please say hi.  One of our goals at RSA this year is to meet great people face-to-face.

We also encourage you to follow us on Twitter @ANX.  We will be live-tweeting throughout the show. 

Hopefully we get a chance to see all the great tracks that are being offered at the show.  I am looking forward to the GRC track and the cloud security track.  If i have time, I am hoping to get in a few sessions from the hot topics track so I am up to date on all of the late breaking news and events.

If you’re here at RSA, what’s are you hoping to get out of the show?  If you aren't, what would you like us to share with you?

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