Comprehensive Managed Network Security Solutions for Enterprise Protection

guy-on-laptop.jpgETSec provides 7x24x365 end-to-end management of an organization's security and data delivery needs through the remote management of a client’s network and information systems. Our services include around-the-clock monitoring; custom support and management of intrusion prevention / detection systems; firewalls; proxy content filtering systems; anti-spam and anti-virus systems; malware and spyware protection; instant-messaging protection systems; compliance log management; security information management; oversight of patch management and upgrades; security assessments and audits; and emergency response functions. Our ETmanage offerings, which we can provide individually or as a comprehensive solution for end-to-end security management, include the following services:

ETmanage Firewalls

24x7x365 management and support of corporate enterprise firewalls

ETmanage IDS/IPS

24x7x365 management and support of corporate intrusion detection / prevention systems

ETmanage Proxy Content Filtering/Anti-Virus/Instant Messaging

24x7x365 management and support of corporate proxy security systems

ETmanage Network Access Control

24x7x365 management and support of corporate network access control systems

ETmanage Anti-Spam

24x7x365 management and support of corporate email spam protection systems

ETmanage Anti-Malicious Code

24x7x365 management and support of anti-malicious code protection (both email and web) including anti-SPAM, malware, spyware and phishing both in appliance and cloud-based services

ETmanage Security Incident Event Management (SIEM)

24x7x365 management and support of Security Incident Event Management Response for Regulatory Compliance Reporting or our advanced Security Incident Event Management for real-time management, Business Continuity and Incident Response

ETSec also provides monthly and/or quarterly meetings to review your security posture, discovered security threats, performance reviews and strategize on how to battle against the latest and future security threats.

Managed Security Services