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Medina Consultants selects Certeon and ANX to optimize remote file access by more than 90 percent

Posted May 7, 2010, 10:37 am by Glenn Moore

Press Release


Medina cites Certeon aCelera’s price/performance and ANX Managed Network Services as compelling factors in selection over competition


04.27.2010 – BURLINGTON, Mass. – Certeon, the leading provider of virtual appliance solutions for WAN optimization and application acceleration, and ANXeBusiness Corp., a leading provider of networking and security managed services, today announced that Medina Consultants has selected Certeon’s aCelera software-based virtual appliance and ANX Managed Network Services to significantly improve remote file access over the wide area network (WAN).

Medina is an award-winning, multidisciplined, professional services firm that has steadily grown through client service and professional expertise for municipal, state, federal and private-sector clients within a number of industries. Medina was looking to optimize user response time when accessing various AutoCAD, MicroStation and Microsoft Office files among four different Medina offices.

After evaluating a number of proprietary hardware-based WAN optimization solutions, Medina selected Certeon based on its more than 90 percent optimization of remote file access and 40-50 percent reduction in network bandwidth utilization. aCelera’s software-based solution supports a more flexible pricing model than do hardware-based appliances, which also played a major role in Medina’s selection.

ANXeBusiness’s technical expertise in and commitment to tailoring solutions for the evolving needs of clients provides Medina with the ongoing support desired to complement Certeon’s aCelera software. aCelera significantly reduces Medina’s file response time and its overall network bandwidth utilization for complex AutoCAD and MicroStation projects.

“Organizations such as Medina Consultants require agile, high-performance virtualized infrastructures to meet the needs of their clients and stay competitive,” said Peter Dougherty, president and CEO of Certeon. “Our aCelera virtual appliance is a flexible, cost-effective solution to address a wide range of complex enterprise and cloud remote file access environments.”

Certeon and ANXeBusiness are partners in providing enterprises with unique solutions in network management, WAN optimization and application acceleration. Certeon is a leading innovator in providing software-based WAN optimization virtual appliances for application acceleration and backup as well as replication optimization.

ANXeBusiness provides a unique set of networking and security managed services that enable secure collaboration within and between enterprises. Together, Certeon and ANXeBusiness enable customers to dramatically improve IT infrastructure efficiency, cost and performance.

“ANXeBusiness’ goal is to provide solutions that enhance the performance, security and cost effectiveness of enterprise networks,” said Rich Stanbaugh, president and CEO of ANXeBusiness. “When we looked at Medina’s challenge, it was clear that software from Certeon coupled with our network services was the perfect solution.”

aCelera virtual appliance software products are the perfect union of virtualization and application acceleration technology, providing enterprises, professional services organizations and hosting providers with performance, scalability and easy management. aCelera is system-independent and hypervisor-agnostic. aCelera maximizes application acceleration for all traffic, with performance enhancements for mission-critical applications and business continuity environments, improving network bandwidth optimization and performance by more than 95 percent. When compared to proprietary hardware appliances, aCelera software saves IT departments up to 60 percent in network optimization capital and operations costs.

ANXeBusiness has been headquartered in Michigan for more than 10 years and continues to expand rapidly, with six acquisitions since 2006, including both S2S Communications and ETSec just last month. The company was recently recognized as one of the world’s largest software companies in “Software Magazine’s Software 500”. In addition, the company was also awarded the “Best of the Best Michigan Business” by Corp! Magazine and was named as a “Hot Company” for 2009 by Network Products Guide.

“Certeon’s performance gains enabled us to boost the productivity of our inter-office project collaboration. ANXeBusiness was critical in evaluating our network requirements and recommending Certeon as the right solution for us,” states Giovanni Fonseca, senior IT assistant with Medina Consultants. “The aCelera pricing was more competitive and flexible for our needs than any other solution on the market. The Certeon and ANXeBusiness staffs guided us every step of the way, through initial setup, testing, optimization, and final deployment.”

About ANXeBusiness Corp.
ANXeBusiness Corp. (, headquartered in Southfield, Mich., has offices in Research Triangle Park, N.C., Overland Park, KS, Philadelphia, PA, San Diego, CA and Toronto. ANXeBusiness is focused on providing network and information security solutions, unified threat protection technology, and managed services that enable secure content delivery within and between enterprises. The company’s foundation is built upon deep technical expertise, broad experience with mission-critical data connectivity, a passion for customer support and a proven record of supporting business needs across multiple value chains. ANX is owned by One Equity Partners (, which manages investments and commitments for JP Morgan Chase & Co. in private equity transactions.

About Certeon
Certeon’s aCelera software is the first WAN optimization and application acceleration virtual appliance to deliver acceleration, scalability and manageability. aCelera software reduces application response time over the WAN and lowers network bandwidth requirements by more than 95 percent, without proprietary hardware appliances. The aCelera family of software-based solutions includes aCelera virtual appliance and aCelera Client for optimized desktop to data center performance, as well as aCelera Sync for efficient business continuity over the WAN. aCelera performance scales linearly as more resources are added (i.e., CPU, memory and disk) and supports up to 50 percent more concurrent accelerated connections than can “closed” proprietary hardware appliances. Enterprises and managed service providers can save as much as 60 percent in total cost of ownership when deploying aCelera software to virtualized data centers, cloud environments or remote offices. For more information, visit

About Medina Consultants
Medina Consultants is an award-winning, multidisciplined, professional services firm that has steadily grown through client service and professional expertise to work on some of the most premier projects in the industry. Medina’s professional staff has more than 30 years’ experience and provides local service in offices throughout the United States. Our philosophy is to use old-fashioned client service and fundamental engineering designs while embracing leading-edge technology to meet project task objectives. Our motto, “Built on Solid Design,” reflects our goal to bring projects to construction on time, within budget and with quality plans.

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