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Jul 5th 2011, 15:08

PCI DSS 2.0 Clarifies Compliance in Virtual Environments

Posted by Chris Noell
The good news about the new PCI DSS standard version 2.0 is that it’s not earth-shaking. In most respects, the changes it introduces are relatively minor, and there are no huge hurdles to adopting it. ANX strongly urges enterprises to start their PCI DSS 2.0 migration now to begin realizing some of the benefits it introduces – such as the fact that patching requirements move from the hard deadline of 30 days to a risk-based approach.
Enterprises that operate in virtualized environments or are looking to do so should definitely step up to PCI DSS 2.0, as virtualization is one area where the new standard does make substantial changes. There are several improvements that provide insights for best business practices, and that should also make QSAs much

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