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Jun 21st 2010, 10:07

Contest: Share you funny or harrowing remote access story for a chance to win $100 or a HD Flip Video Recorder (Your Choice)

Posted by Kim Francisco

Do you have a remote access story to share?  Perhaps you’ve had to access your network from a strange place?  Or maybe  you have a story about a time when you’ve had a heck of a time accessing your network remotely?  
ANX connects thousands of users to their company networks each day. Our Help Desk Team answers questions working from hotels, airports, commuter trains, the beach and even the opera! Whether you use ANX's award-winning remote access service or someone else's, we want to know where you are when remote work happens.
Have you needed to access your corporate networks externally in a pinch? We have too.
So we want to know…

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